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Partnering with LMAX Exchange - FAQs

Partnership programmes, Registration, Commission Plans, Partner Reporting

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LMAX Partners FAQs

LMAX Exchange Partnership Programmes

Can my business become an LMAX Exchange Partner? more

We work with a variety of partners, including Introducing Brokers, and offer a range of commission structures to help you meet your revenue goals.

For more information please call +44 20 3192 2555 or email


Are there any fees to join LMAX Exchange Partners? more

There are no set-up fees to join the programme.


Sign-up and Registration

Where and how do I sign up? more

You can sign up online by completing the ‘New Partner Registration Form’. Following the registration, you will be emailed acceptance or a request for further details. Should you encounter any issues with your account activation, please email Once your account is activated, you can log in to the LMAX Exchange Partners website with your user name and password.

For information on becoming an Introducing Broker, please call +44 20 3192 2555 or email


Do I need to provide payment information in the registration form? more

Payment information can be completed anytime, however it must be supplied to LMAX Exchange in order for your commissions to be paid. Please note that your earned commissions will not be paid out until all payment details are completed.

We will not sell your data which is protected by the LMAX Exchange privacy policy and complies with all relevant provisions of the UK Data Protection legislation.


Commission Plans and Payments

How does the commission structure work? more

LMAX Exchange Partners offers some of the most competitive commission structures in the industry. The commission you receive depends on the agreement between you and LMAX Exchange. You can log in to the LMAX Exchange Partners platform at any time to view your commissions at your convenience.


What is Revenue Share? more

Revenue Share means earning a percentage (e.g. 20%) of the gross commission the referred trading account generates for LMAX Exchange. As an example, if the referred client generates $5,000 in gross commission for LMAX Exchange, the referring partner would earn 20% of the $5,000 which equals $1,000.


Who do I contact if I am missing a payment? more

All payments are made promptly in accordance with the terms outlined in your LMAX Exchange Partner Services agreement. However, if you are missing a payment, you should contact your LMAX Exchange Partner Account Manager. In most cases missing payments may result from incorrectly completed payment details during the registration process. Please check your payment details carefully. Once your payment details are corrected, the missing payment will be added to the following month’s payment period.


Partner Reporting and Support

What marketing tools do LMAX Exchange Partners provide? more

We have a wide range of creative marketing tools to ensure our Partners’ marketing campaigns are optimised for high conversions. These tools include gif banners, flash banners, rich text or simple text destination links, emails and landing pages.


What reporting tools do LMAX Exchange Partners offer? more

Partners are able to track their activity anytime through LMAX Exchange Partners website under the ‘Reports’ feature in their accounts. Please note that the LMAX Exchange Partners platform is updated once every 24 hours.

The Performance Overview report shows a summary level view of your activity and commissions earned by day, week, month or year. In addition, you can choose to customise the report in order to view more detailed information regarding your client's activity at the aggregate or individual level.


What if I forget the password for my LMAX Exchange Partners account? more

If you have forgotten your password, please click on the “Lost Your Password” option when you are at the login screen, alternatively email


How do I contact LMAX Exchange Partners for further information? more

For any questions or additional information please contact us on:

Introducing Brokers : please call +44 20 3192 2555 or email